The Museum 
THE MUSEUM is the maiden improvisational adventure
of two intrepid musical travelers, guitarist Gabriel Manzo
and keyboard maestro Herman Eberitzsch.
So much to say and so little time to say it.
Life is precious and each and every tick
of the clock is its sweetest moment.
The Museum is the storehouse of those moments
when all those years of practice and struggle pay off
in the form of Art and Expression.
Express yourself!
Expression doesn't require any thinking.
It's a Salvation, a Devotion, a thing you do
to have fun, a thing you do to make other people
feel happy so they can forget their
trials and tribulations, their hurts and their pains.
The Museum is a joy, a gift.
And what do you do with a gift? You give it.
Gabriel and Herman met long ago in their musical
brotherhood, but time never erased their chemistry.
They groove. Plain and simple.
Your feet move and your spirit soars.
That's the cure for all the blues the world may ever know.
A song, a dance, a painting.
That's the best of all humanity.
To lay down the sticks and stones and pick up the Brush
of Creativity is what The Museum is all about.
It is a Culture of the Human Share.
Harmony for all.
If the Museum were a painting,
Herman Eberitzsch would be the Canvas,
Gabriel Manzo the Artist with the Brush.
As in all of life, you have to put the whole picture in the
Frame to see all of its compassion and understanding.
There has been so much Lost Art in the world
that when you find it, it's a blessing.
The same can be said of those who have lost everything.
A Home is a Museum of Someone's Life.
Let's all Cherish it.
In all accomplishments there is a supporting cast.
Those who help and support your goals
in every dream you have.
We call them Soul Supporters.
Thank you for your care and contributions.
That's the story.
We hope you enjoy the music.
Love and happiness. Peace out.
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