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    I had just learned how to
   play barre chords, and had
      to show the camera!
  "Hmmm...maybe I should do this
   for a living!"
  That's me, in the
  middle, peeking out over the girls. 
   We felt like "A Hard Days Night."
       Now we're getting more
        serious about music.
The Gabe Christopher Band,
 which I formed when I was
in high school.  That's me in 
 the middle playing guitar.
         Gabe Christopher Band.
     That's me on the left, under 
        all that hair, playing my 
               old Les Paul.
Old newspaper clipping
Gabe Christopher Band.
That's me on the right.
  Gabe Christopher Band
    promotional picture.
     That's me on the
         top center.
    I toured Canada with 
    this band "Pure Gold."
  That's me bottom center.
     Gabe Christopher Band.
Cops tear-gassed the concert.
I remember running through the chaos with Bob Welch, both of
us guitar in tow.  It was crazy.
    Gabe Christopher Band.
  The concert crowd before
   the cops crashed in with
    tear gas and riot gear.
Gabe Christopher Band.
     The aftermath.
   Gabe Christopher Band.
  No tear gas at this one!
 That's me on the far right.
I wish I still had that jacket.
I guess Herman and I do have
  quite a bit of history in our
 musical brotherhood.  Check
 out our CD "The Museum" on
 the music pages of this site.
        Pablo Tellez Band.
    Pablo was Malo's original
   bassist.  He's the guy with
   the beard looking up in the
   middle-right.  That's me in
   the lower left corner with
    the guitar. (of course!)
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    Me on stage with Malo
       many moons ago.