Music by Gabriel Manzo & Victor Bejarano  Lyrics by Dawn Manzo

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This unreleased song is very special to me. 
It is my tribute to someone I feel to be an unsung hero.

      GABRIEL MANZO - guitars, bass, vocals
      VICTOR BEJARANO - piano, synthesizer
      FRANK BAILEY - trumpet
      MIC GILLETTE - trombone                                                                     
      DAWN MANZO - drum and percussion programming
      RICHARD MARTINEZ - various live percussion

Recorded at The Green Room, Modesto, CA
Engineered by Dawn Manzo
Mixed by Rick Duncan at NACNUD Studio, Lodi, CA

By Vinni Smith  Arranged by Gabriel & Dawn Manzo

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This song was written by my good friend, Vinni Smith.  Its original title is "Lady Named Katy,"
and was written about Vinni's mother. 
My wife and I really liked the song and its sentiment, so with Vinni's permission, we decided
to put our own spin on it. 
We tinkered with the arrangement a little, and of course, "Latinized" it!
I played the guitar track straight through start to finish, one take, solo included,
prior to any vocal tracks being recorded.  I intended for it to be a "scratch" track. 
Once we had all the rest of the tracks done, I wanted to re-record the guitar track...
but, at the insistence of my wife and Vinni, that never happened!

GABRIEL MANZO - guitar, bass, vocals
DAWN MANZO - piano, synthesizer, percussion programming, backing vocals
CARLOS LOPEZ - bongo, maracas

Recorded at The Green Room, Modesto, CA                                      
Engineered by Dawn Manzo
Mixed by Armando Rosales at
ADR Studio, San Francisco, CA       

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