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My dear friend Greg Ercolino was in town from New York, and made it to Bimbo's 365 
Club in San Francisco. 
    Photo by Dawn Manzo
    With Rita Gentry 
One of the lovliest and hardest working women
 in the music industry.      
   Photo by Dawn Manzo
      Me & Jeff Watson
 I guess our grins say it all.
      Photo by Dawn Manzo
   With Taj Mahal
   clowning around
     backstage in 
    San Francisco. 
 Photo by Dawn Manzo
 With Lenny Williams  
   hanging out before our show in Bakersfield.  
  Photo by Dawn Manzo
   With Lenny Williams,  
      Lester Chambers 
   and Dylan Chambers
       Bakersfield, CA
        January 2010.    
    Photo by Dawn Manzo
  Mike Rinta, John Santos,
Karl Perazzo, Jeff Cressman,
Jim McCarthy and me, at the
 6th Annual Voices of Latin Rock Autism Benefit Concert.
      Photo by Dawn Manzo