Gabriel Manzo is proud to be endorsed
by Gibson Guitars.
Gibson ROCKS!
Check these picks out.  Gabriel's good
friend and neighbor, Vinni Smith
(an outstanding guitarist himself), manufactures these unique guitar picks
which Gabriel uses in a variety of
situations.  V-Picks kick!
Hear great music from one of Latin Rock's most innovative and enduring
groups.  My friends Fred Sanchez and Bobby Espinosa are still rocking with
their legendary band.
For more great music and photos,
check out Gabriel's MySpace page.
Drop by and say hello! 
Not getting enough out of your guitar?
Need sustain?  Big tone?
Balance and accuracy?
Here's your solution.
These pickups are screamin'!
Gabriel is featured in the
landmark book by authors
Jim McCarthy and Ron Sansoe,
Voices of Latin Rock
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