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 Me n my wife
Photo by Phil Isley
Me n my daughter  
  My son
Gabriel Jr.
aka Gobby
    My son Ray
with his girlfriend 
My dog New Riff
 aka The Noodle
  With my buddy
   Fred Sanchez
      bassist for
      El Chicano
Photo by Dawn Manzo
        Manzo, Malo, Sapo
    Carlos (Los) Hernandez -
    MANZO;  Oscar Estrella -
   Sapo;  Abel Zarate - Malo,
 Zarate Project;  Me - MANZO,
   Malo, Guitarras Y Congas,
    Infinite Progression, etc!
         Photo by Dawn Manzo   
             Much fun
     With Vernon Black
      and Lydia Pense
      at The Warfield
      Photo by Dawn Manzo
            Backstage Buds
       Some of the War and
       Malo fellas backstage
            after a show.
            With my friend
             Marcos Reyes
 War's talented percussionist.
       He's always smiling!
         Photo by Dawn Manzo
      Me & Bobby Espinosa
      Legendary El Chicano
         Photo by Dawn Manzo
              Tres Amigos
 Three big grins from Sly & the
  Family Stone drummer Greg
  Errico, me, and keyboardist
  Herman Eberitzsch after a
    show in San Francisco.
        Photo by Dawn Manzo
                   The Originals
    Jorge Santana, Tony Menjivar,
   Pablo Tellez, me, Arcelio Garcia
  backstage at Bimbos 365 Club in
               San Francisco.
               Photo by Dawn Manzo
            Carlos Lopez & I
   go waaay back. He was in my
 Gabe Christopher band when we
were teens - he would hitch-hike
 to rehearsal with his congas on
  his back!  We used to play at
  Cesar Chavez rallies together.
            Photo by Dawn Manzo
              Jamie Davis & I
       were in the house band
      together for years "back
   in the day" at San Francisco's
    noted Bajones Club.  Jamie
   now fronts his own big band
  and has been touring the world.
              Photo by Dawn Manzo
          With Gregg Rolie
     after soundcheck for a
  show we played at The Fox
 Theater in Redwood City, CA
     With Karl Perazzo
   at The Warfield after
   Voices Of Latin Rock
    5th annual benefit
         for autism.
      Photo by Dawn Manzo
With Pancho Tomaselli
      bassist for War.
     Photo by Dawn Manzo
       Jorge, me & Arcelio
      with my good friend
 Jim Wagner, creator/owner
  of WCR Handwound Guitar
     Pickups.  Jorge & I are
      showing off our new
           Zen pedals.
        Photo by Dawn Manzo
with Bill Spooner
    guitarist for
    The Tubes.
With Dolores Huerta
     living legend of
        civil rights
With Daniel & Raul Rekow
percussionist extraordinaire,
     after a MANZO show.
        Photo by Dawn Manzo
With our dear friend
       Lisa Harrold
My wife's best friend -
    a treasure to all
     who know her.
    Vinni and Nancy
 Our good friends and
neighbors.  Nancy is a
 gifted artist, Vinni an
accomplished guitarist
     and creator of
  V-Picks guitar picks.
    Hanging out in Texas
      with Logan McNatt
   our cousin the renown
  archaeologist, spelunker
        and adventurer.
        Photo by Dawn Manzo
      With Jeff Trager
  veteran of the music 
  business at a benefit
for LRGP in Sacramento.
     Photo by Dawn Manzo
      With Neal Schon
at a Voices of Latin Rock
     show we played in
       San Francisco.
     Photo by Dawn Manzo
       With Ray Flores
 Our friend and my wife's
former bandleader of over
    a decade in Chicago.
       Photo by Lisa Harrold
     Richard & Armida
Our good friends and two 
 of the hardest working
people behind the scenes
 in the music business.
Abel Sanchez & David George
    After a show in Dixon, CA
           Photo by Dawn Manzo
         Pancho & Lefty
Clowning around backstage
       with keyboardist
       Daniel Cervantes
       Photo by Dawn Manzo
GQ, here we are.
With my long-time
keyboard maestro
Herman Eberitzsch
   Larry Lane
   My brother
another mother
    Eloy Jimenez
   aka Eleven, my
 friend, guitar tech
 and all-around help.
With Victor Bejarano
  my good friend and
    talented pianist.
   Photo by Dawn Manzo
With Wendy Haas
 after a Voices Of
 Latin Rock show.
Photo by Eloy Jimenez
With Marcia Miget
  and Mic Gillette
 at Stern Grove in
   San Francisco.
 Photo by Dawn Manzo
  With Greg Ercolino
Jamming with my dear
old friend in New York.
  Photo by Dawn Manzo
  With Chalo Eduardo
renowned percussionist.
    Photo by Dawn Manzo
Hazel Nieves
    my sista
another mista
     Art & Kelly
      from the
      Kool Katz
Photo by Dawn Manzo
          With Tony Menjivar
  Oh, the road stories we have! 
      My wife says we should
    host our own comedy show.
         Photo by Dawn Manzo
   My Mom
Miss you, Ma.
 With Rocky Marquez
 Hanging with my wife's
musical brother of many
     years in Chicago.
     Photo by Dawn Manzo
 Daniel and I hanging with 
 David Hidalgo (Los Lobos)
   and our Marines friend
Michael Estrada in Chicago.
       Photo by Dawn Manzo