It isn't often someone is gifted with such an extraordinary
musical talent as Gabriel Manzo
And when, through years of hard work and dedication,
that individual hones skill into true mastery, his music
speaks a unique, recognizable language to all who hear him. 
Gabriel's guitar work is amazingly versatile and inspirational. 
He is accomplished in many genres including Latin Rock,
Jazz, Rock, Blues and Funk.
He has a clever knack for infectious rhythms, yet his forte is
melodic lead guitar work, spanning everything from tight,
flashy 8-bar solos to lengthy McLaughlin-esque escapades
in tasty, powerful and fiery improvisation.  His seemingly
endless compositional creativity is complimented by his
overall musical maturity, rich vocal range and his proficiency
on bass guitar and percussion instruments.
Besides earning the respect of his listeners and colleagues, 
Gabriel has also received two certificates of honor from the
city of San Francisco in recognition of his contribution to the birth, life and history of Latin Rock music.

Lead guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, musical director of the seminal Latin Rock band  MALO 1980 to present.
Appears extensively in landmark book "The Voices Of Latin Rock" by Jim McCarthy and Ron Sansoe 2004.

Founded and fronted Gabe Christopher Band 1970-74.  Opened for various artists including Fleetwood Mac , Buddy Miles , Canned Heat , Elvin Bishop , Luis Gasca , Sapo , Dakila and Country Weather .  Played numerous rallies headed by United Farm Workers founder and champion Cesar Chavez .

Toured as part of the legendary Bo Diddley 's band 1974-79.

Toured as part of  Pete Escovedo  and Pablo Tellez 's band 1979-80.

Founded Many Faces with  Sly & The Family Stone  drummer  Greg Errico  1999,
recorded CD with  Don Smith of  Traveling Wilburys  fame at the helm.

Recorded with  Bill Spooner  of renowned rock band The Tubes .

Recorded with  Leonard Hayes  of rock band Y & T .

Recorded with studio luminary Vernon Black .

Played and recorded with  Jorge Santana Band  2000.

Founded faith-based Latin Rock band BUENO 2000, recorded successful CD backed by several tours.

Co-founder, guitarist/songwriter for flamenco group  Guitarras Y Congas , recorded acclaimed CD "Chiles."

Studied in depth as a student of noted jazz guitarist, author and instructor, Warren Nunes .